Hey 123cbd Army

A lot has been happening since my last blog! 

I hope you’re all keeping well and have been enjoying our launch 2 strains. 

We’ve had many questions about our Skywalker strain. One that keeps coming up – will it be available in our next launch? The answer is – YES! We know it’s become a favourite and many of you rely on its medicinal benefits. So Skywalker is here to stay. Purple Haze and Sour Diesel will not. 

Now let’s talk a bit about CBD BOYZ

So the CBD BOYZ have a long history within the cannabis industry. We heard of them back in the early 2000s. However, during a recent meeting I discovered that the’ve actually been in the CBD industry well over 30 years. 

They have two growing facilites, one in California and the second in Colorado. They’ve got everything! Genetic laboratories, clone rooms, vegetation rooms and the best room of all – the flower room! I use the word ‘room’ lightly – they are factory scale at a high tech level. That’s booted & suited white-gloved guys with sci-fi  headbands – catch my drift? Like a scene from Charlie and the chocolate factory! Mmm – CBD chocolate – interesting! 

THE FLOWERS!!! I just shouted that! Can’t contain myself they’re works of art. Sticky, fluffy, intense aromatic infusions that waft  through the air and arrest the senses – just WOW!

The CBD BOYZ are so experienced we would have been mad not to partner up with them. Given that they were stepping into the European market; we had to be the first to join forces with the lads from across the water.  

So what you will see slowly hitting our website will be diamond quality strains that pack a huge punch with terpenes, flavonoids and resin. CBD % is high but a flower needs to be more than just a percentage. Take a look at my blog – A CBD Bud or Flower is more than a Percentage.

When the flower arrives to your door you will know what I’m talking about. I don’t want to give too much away because there’s so much more to come. 

Like always take care out there. Lockdown looking inevitable again. 

If you need any help just get in touch. 

CBD Dave