CBD Flower Autumn Pack Coming Soon

CBD Flower Autumn Pack Coming Soon

Launch 2 (23rd of August )

Hey 123cbd Army,

If you’re familiar with our website, you would have noticed that we have had some really nice fruity stains. The focus for launch one was to open up on sweet flavours combined with some fantastic genetics. I hope you all enjoyed the strains we provided and some of the accessories like the king palms, and the grinders. To date Skywalker and Strawberry are the top favoured and we will do our utmost to keep them constantly available for you.

Moving swiftly onto launch 2 (Autumn) I am really looking forward to this launch, the focus is around a fresh start and the importance of sleep. We get a lot of questions around sleep and lots of our customers suffer with insomnia. You will see some extra blogs Emphasising the importance of sleep and the four main qualities one needs for a good sleep.

With the light slowly fading away and the colours changing around us we to will make some changes. We’re adding new strains to our range for launch 2. You will see some huge strains coming to our site such as Purple Haze and Sour Diesel and a few other surprise strains that will bring us through to launch 3 (Christmas)

We have some nice new accessories to add value to our new products, and some larger king palm sizes.

Take care out there,

CBD Dave

Countdown to Launch 2 (23rd of August )