CBD Flowers vs CBD Oil ?

Scientist holding CBD cannabis oil bottle, close up

CBD Flowers vs CBD Oil ?

CBD is extracted from the fibre hemp, which is a variety of the Cannabis plant, CBD has a long history dating back to Asia over 3000 year ago. I want to give you some history about CBD in Ireland. A man by the name of  William B. O’Shaughnessy published In his study the health benefits of cannabinoids in 1839. I would recommend that you read this study. Some of the health issues they speak in this study are Migraines and Neurotic pain and the impact CBD has on these chronic disorders.

Here in Ireland CBD has had a huge following and there are a vast amount of shops and venders recommending there oil and selling what everyone believes is a natural product. Many CBD oils on the market have small traces of cannabinoids mixed with heavily processed oil which is not good for your body.

I personally have always loved natural products and found that instead of purchasing CBD oil like this, why not source the Hemp plant that’s growing in the soil and offer people the most natural source of CBD the flower. I will be selling a CBD oil soon its quite difficult to find a 100% natural organic product at a reasonable price but at 123CBD we are speaking with small suppliers around the world keep an eye on this space.

If you like to smoke illegal cannabis I’m going to tell you this stop!! The THC in the strains now a days is terrible for your mental health and when you purchase your smoke you have no idea where its coming from nor the percentages therein. With CBD Flowers you can enjoy the same benfits legally and relate your self to the aromas and constiency every time.

Just a small post on CBD flowers more to come:

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