New Irish CBD Strain: Tangerine Dream 🍊


New Irish CBD Strain: Tangerine Dream 🍊

Hey 123CBD Army

We are delighted to be able to provide this NEW Tangerine Dream CBD Strain.

The Detail!

This strain of CBD flower is a hybrid strain bred from G13 which is an indica and Neville’s Haze which is a hearty Sativa. Tangerine Dream is a very potent strain with a CBD content of 19%.

One of the unique characteristics of Tangerine Dream is its ability to provide effective pain relief. It’s also known to produce cerebral effects that make the consumer feel more alert and focused.

Tangerine Dream is a go-to strain for anyone that is using THC potent Cannabis for medical reasons. This strain thankfully only carries a small trace of THC >0.2% to comply with the law.

For The Flavour chasers!

True to its name – Tangerine Dream has a sweet, orange, citrusy flavour which is very pleasing to the palate. Its fragrance has a similar citrus sweetness – but is combined with a dank, pungent, earthy, aroma.

A taste sensation offering clean and long lasting calming effects with equally beneficial health effects.


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