CBD Tasting Kit

CBD Tasting Kit

CBD Summer Tasting Kit

Hey 123CBD Army

Some of you may have seen that we now provide a CBD Summer kit. We noticed that a lot of new customers wanted to mix and match our CBD flowers by purchasing 3 grams of each. We gave this some consideration and came up with CBD Kits! Now before I keep going – we will never be a company that tries to squeeze ever last cent out of our customers by offering deals on deals! But I do believe we should try our best to meet your requests and preferences!

Over the coming summer, autumn, winter and spring seasons – we will endeavour to do four launches. We all know each season brings its own unique qualities. With Autumn comes a feeling of being refreshed and energised after the summer. Whereas winter fills us with cosy, homely, warm-fuzzy feelings and a desire to give gifts. So how can we hope to contribute to those moments with our four launches?

Take our new 123CBD Summer Kit – we choose a selection of fruity citrus flavoured CBD flowers that complement one another and the fragrance of summer! We will look at adding value to our packs with limited edition products and strains. But it’s early days! For now – we hope you enjoy our 123CBD Summer Kit.

Happy Summer everyone
CBD Dave