Hey 123CBD Army,

After many months of planning www.cbdtea.ie is here, it is live and we are offering free shipping on all orders.

Here at 123CBD HQ we discovered that there isn’t one vendor that gave customers an option to decide what style of tea nor the CBD volume in the tea. Which we felt wasn’t fare and I really liked the idea that customers could personally mix and match And create there perfect cbd tea blend from scratch.

At www.cbdtea.ie YOU are in control and YOU are the tea specialist!

How CBD Tea works

When you log onto www.cbdtea.ie you have the option to create your own blend of tea. Decided what the best Tea base for your needs, maybe add in a few healthy herbs, Combine your CBD % hemp Tea and checkout. But If your not feeling up to being creative and have a tea style in mind we have house blends such as:

Organic chamomile Tea, Organic imperial Ceylon Tea, Irish breakfast Tea, Fruit berry Tea, Organic Rooibos Tea and many more.

All our teas are naturally sourced and are completely organic and very high quality.

We will be posting some great post around the potential health benefit of CBD hemp tea, our herbs, and natural blends very soon.