Dublin Lava 🔥



Dublin Lava is a strain you open and the whole area is full of its pungent aroma. All of 2020 we have been working with our growers to grow our very own CBD strain.

Here it is Dublin Lava CBD ! The genetics of this plant belong to us. Grown for our loyal customers who have given us great feedback on certain strains that stood out for them. We nailed this one !

Dublin lava Aroma & Flavor;

Dublin Lava CBD has a taste of skunk with accents of Sour lemon. The aroma is very similar, your going to get skunk like fuel.

Dublin Lava Genetics;

Dublin lava strain was created with crossing super lemon skunk with lava cake.

75% Indica / 15 % Sativa

CBD 21% THC <0.2 %




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