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We bring you our Red Cherry Berry, it is a 50/50 Hybrid strain which was developed by a large cannabis breeder in California. They combined Skunk #1 with a North American landrace indica.

Visually, Red Cherry Berry is a true stunner with beautiful flowers that maintain a solid, almost totally spherical formation. These buds have a typically indica structure, with a compact core and small leaves that coil tightly inward toward their central stems.

Red Cherry Berry Flavour

Red Berry Cherry is a sweet smelling Cbd Strain. Very close to a cheese flavour but with more sweet fruit like aroma. Red Cherry Berry’s powerful berry aroma floats right to the top, giving off a sweet and slightly tart scent. There’s also a dank, earthy odor lurking underneath.

Red Cherry Berry Effect;

Although this strain is incredibly relaxing from the outset, it’s also mentally stimulating. Gives a nice bit of Focus and helps give relief from anxiety.


On the physical side of the spectrum, it may dull aches and pains, whether they’re chronic, as due to conditions like fibromyalgia, or minor, like headaches and nausea.

Red Cherry Genetics

  • 70 % Indica Dominant
  • CBD 21% THC <0.2 %

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3 reviews for Red Cherry Berry🍒

  1. Owen Mc Guinness (verified owner)

    Beautiful smooth smoke. Relaxation instantly and brilliant for anxiety And uplifting your mood would recommend it if you like skywalker you’ll love this.

  2. david marsh (verified owner)

    This is a lovely strain which is great for anxiety yet has a nice mood lift to it, i would highly recommened anyone to try this , everything is good about this taste smell really good,i would buy again really enjoyable, this is a really good company to buy from customer service is exellent, i have bought a few different strains and i have to say i have enjoyed them all

  3. Stephen Usher (verified owner)

    I just got some today and I’m sold on it. It’s lovely

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