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* large buds and small gone, this is Shake; but A+ Shake just like you ground it up yourself *

CBDBOYZ Strain Alert 🚨

The CBDBOYZStarted growing small scale Hemp farms back in the 90s off the west coast of America. Today they have over 20000 m2 Cbd growing facility’s across the west coast if the USA.

This is the first strain ‘ StarDawg CBD’ we received and can safely say it’s out of this world!

StarDawg Background: 

Stardawg CBD is Sativa dominant strain, originally bred in the Bay Area in California. This Strain has got its name from both the crystalline trichomes that inhabit the flowers and looking like STARS. and it’s Chem/TresDAWG lineage.

StarDawg Aroma & Flavour;

StarDawg is a seriously pungent strain. It’s has a Heavy chemical, herbal and sour flavours come from its glistening buds.

The aroma has been described as morning breath, a truck stop, roadkill skunk, and a vat full of chemicals.

These smells sound nasty, but cannabis aficionados love the dank, lingering aromatic notes as they herald the potent effects of Stardawg. Expect the herb to be dense and frosted with resin, so much so that the dark green color with red/orange hairs is hard to see.

StarDawg Effect

Being a Sativa dominant with a skunk lineage makes this an optimal strain to treat muscle tension, pain, headaches, depression, and anxiety.


This is a good strain for Pain, as well as anxiety and people who suffer with depression and grief. This eventual combination of physical and mental qualities makes this bud a great way to enjoy activities that involve both body and mind, like exercising gaming creativity and playing music! Great for reducing insomnia also.

StarDawg Genetics

Sprouting from perhaps the most influential strain in the modern cannabis market, Stardawg is the cumulation of two Chem Dawg (Chem Dog) strains, Chem-4 x Tres Dawg.

Sativa 70% Indica 30%

CBD 23% THC <0.2 %

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5 reviews for STARDAWG * SHAKE* 🐶

  1. Garreth (verified owner)

    This is the strongest,most dank cbd flower ive ever came across…as soon as I opened the pack my eyes lit up. Alot of other companies products have that boring hay smell but this is up there with the real thing. DANK,next day delivery too….123cbd I salute you. Bless

  2. Owen Mc Guinness (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding strain by far one of the nicest strains of cbd I’ve smoked only half a joint smoked and can feel the anxiety and restlessness leaving my body already and the pain in my knees the buds/nugs smell dank, fresh and cured to perfection. Well worth the €200 for 20grams and next day delivery wouldnt get it anywere else 10 outta 10 for me. 👍🏻✌🏻

  3. brendan duggan (verified owner)

    This strain is fantastic great smell and taste would recommend it fast delivery and grey packaging great job 123 CBD

  4. alan hughes (verified owner)

    Really Nice. Best ive had. Fast deliver. thanks

  5. David Brennan (verified owner)

    This is by far the best cbd bud I’ve had from 123cbd. Lovely fluffy flowers. Taught 200 euro was a little bit pricey but will gladly pay that price if future strains are of this quality. Keep up the excellent work 123cbd. Yous are the No1 dispensary in Ireland no competition simple as. Looking forward to further strains guys.

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