How to use Revolut to Buy CBD on

How to use Revolut to Buy CBD on

How to use Revolut after checkout?

Hey 123cbd Army,

I have had a lot of questions around how to pay for an order with Revolut. This is a great option we provide at checkout. Here is a quick step by step on how to pay for your order through Revolut after you have checked out with Revolut, and you received your order via email.

First things first you will need a working Revolut account. Revolut is just like your bank account without fees, and transfers are instance. If you don’t have an account, please use this link to set yourself up!

Once you placed your order  you will receive an email with our Revolut phone account number.

How to Setup Revolut to Pay

Follow these steps to get Revolut setup and to transfer payment to 123CBD.

Step 1

Please Save the phone number provided in into your personal phone contacts under 123cbd.

Step 2

Open Revolut and click on the R in the bottom corner

Step 3

After you click the R in the bottom left corner click on the “-> send” Button in the middle of the screen.

Step 4

At the top of this screen click on the search bar and search the name 123cbd
(which you stored into your contacts in step 1)

Step 5

Now that you have Searched 123cbd in the search bar it will appear and click the name.

Step 6

This will bring you to the next screen where you can send the amount to our Revolut account. Just pop in your order number In “add note “And click Send.

Step 7

What should appear on your screen after you hit send is a link.

This link is to keep the transfer secure; you will need to send to us this link via email or SMS to 123cbd phone number you saved into your contacts.

(if you don’t it will stay as pending and we wouldn’t have received the funds)

If you are signing up to Revolut for the first time you just need your ID and a quick photo of yourself.


Checkout the screenshots below, they should help you setup on your phone.

Device Frame

A Video from Revolut

This is the helpful setup video Revolut has for new users.

Don’t forget with our link you will receive a free card and other benefits

Take care out there,

CBD Dave 😎