Spring Launch 2021

Spring Launch 2021

Hey 123CBD Army

Coming on the 15th of February is our first launch of 2021! Spring is in the air and with it the Beast from the East, unfortunately, but to be honest I’m enjoying the snow!

Let’s get right into it! On the kitchen table for this launch is Frosted Cake & Strawberry Shortcake. As the first sweet buds of spring begin to emerge we tend to get all fruity in anticipation of summer. So we decided to drop some string cake strains. Both strains are superbly amazing, cured perfectly and jam-packed full of flavour.

I personally believe these strains are the best on the market. And just as there’s different strokes for different folks, there’s different strains for different brains! And these ones are for Blueberry Sherbet & Gorilla Glue brains & taste buds!

Old faithful Skywalker will be making a comeback too, a little later in the launch. Along with new CBD Hash and some top class extracts.

For all our customers requesting High quaintly CBD oil – I can guarantee we’ll have the best broad spectrum oil very soon. And watch out for some new tasty edibles!

Thanks once again for your support in 2020. We hope to make 2021 an even better CBD year for you all.

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Take care,
CBD Dave