Strawberry Haze – my favourite CBD Flower!

Strawberry Haze – my favourite CBD Flower!

Hey 123CBD Army

I hope you’re all keeping well. The CBD flower – Strawberry Haze – has been on the site for a while so I think it’s time to write a post about it!

Out of all our range – it’s one of my favourite CBD flowers. Every time I open the jar that aromatic fruity strawberry scent fills the air. This sweet Strawberry flower is smooth and packed full of flavour.   

Why did we decide to keep this strain and not rotate it every few months?

Well – if you’ve been with us any length of time – you will have noticed that some strains come in and out of season – like our CBD flower Lemon Haze and newest addition Dinamed. But delightfully our Strawberry Haze is an all year-round strain like her sister Skywalker. In fact Strawberry Haze sold out the first week. We couldn’t let that become a distant memory –so this CBD flower is here to stay!

Now the detail!

The legendary Strawberry Haze was created by master grower Arjan Roskam. This flower is said to be a mix of Northern Lights, Haze, Kali Mist and a Swizz Sativa – resulting in her distinctive strawberry flavour. This Tall Sativa dominant plant can grow to the sky – producing an intoxicatingly sweet CBD flower that is enticing in lots of different sensory ways. This 70% sativa is said to be one of the best pick-me-ups on the market today.

Strawberry Haze is exactly as the name describes it. This CBD flower is a favourite among customers who are fans of Sativa hybrids – as this CBD strain is as good as it gets.


CBD Strawberry Haze has many medicinal uses that has helped many people. Many of those who medicinally take it report that anxiety and depressive thoughts have been greatly reduced. Why not have a look at some of our customer reviews. Soon I will write about some of the well documented health benefits of CBD and include some links for you to go check out for yourselves!

Take care out there everyone

CBD Dave