CBD Oil Available in Ireland

15% CBD oil 1500mg

CBD Oil Available in Ireland

Quick update – we are happy to announce that we will be stocking CBD oil again. For the last ten months CBD oil has been out of stock. We will have two strengths available in 10ml bottles, at this time.

Full spectrum 10% CBD oil and Full spectrum 20% CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil includes small amounts all CBD compounds, including THC. While some studies suggest CBD can be beneficial on its own, other research suggests that CBD’s therapeutic effects are stronger when combined with other cannabis compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, and lesser-known cannabinoids. We are firm believers in natural and raw products, so after lengthy research we decided that we would only give our customers the highest quality CBD oil.

You will not see a variety of flavour mix’s because our oil is carried by 100% Coconut sourced MCT oil, which is super light and doesn’t have the bitter taste other CBD oils have. Many CBD companies use olive oil, rapeseed oil and hempseed oil as the carrier. These are thick, heavy oils that taste unpleasant and we believe interfere with CBD and its great benefits. MCT oil is one of the fastest sources of clean fuel for body and brain. These fast-absorbing fats are, hands down, one of the best ways to carry cannabinoids through your digestive system.

After five months we have created the very best CBD oil on the market today.