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Are you a Happy 123CBD Customer?

At 123CBD, we are committed to providing great customer service and quality products while striving to be “Always Better” in all that we do. We love to hear your feedback on our products and customer service. Please see some of our recent reviews on our CBD Flowers, Oil and Resin below. 

Could not recommended these enough , fantastic quality both stock and staff , communication is brilliant and very very helpful , highly recommend and wouldn’t go anywhere else 10/10 👌😁
Carl Kennedy
Carl K.
Next day delivery brilliant product will definitely be buying again . 100% recommend you try it yourself you won't be disappointed . Thanks guys
Irish Rasta Man
Irish Rasta M.
Absolutely fantastic! Brilliant to deal with, replied within minutes to my query, item arrived within a day, very professional and highly recommend!
Lisa and Aimee Ní Céitinn
Lisa and Aimee Ní C.
Have never ever wrote a review on anything, but with the service taught i had to.Order yesterday around noon, package came this morning by 10am, not even 24 hours after order, and packaged in a box, no smell and labeled ‘123 health’ which i am pleasantly surprised by, didnt want a big sign saying cbd on it.Product came in a small tin, like a small tuna can. Very handy. And the taste and quality of the product is 100%. I got gorilla glue.Would recommend 123cbd without a second taught(and ive bought from a few different suppliers)Thanks from a satisfied customer
aaron devers
aaron D.
Great product that doesn't cost a fortune. 2-3 day delivery to Waterford. I've had purple haze and star dawg with a bag of shake as a mix between them. I will be purchasung again and highly recommend them 🤙 CBD is the future how would one invest in it or start a shop
james phelan
james P.
Lovely lad to deal with and product is always of a good quality would highly reccomend him
Graham mcloughlin
Graham M.
A great online service and an awesome product. They seem to really care about quality there my "flower" came discreetly packaged in an air tight tin with a little packet of terpine blocker, which really helped keep the taste fresh.
Jacob Lane
Jacob L.
Dean Meares
Dean M.
Couldn't recommend these guys anymore highly. They have the most dankest CBD buds around and that's just facts. The packaging they send it in is so thoughtful and professional, they want to make sure you receive your buds as cured and dank as possible. They put humidity packs in with all their buds to guarantee this. The selection of strains 123cbd have is also very impressive and they're always looking to add new ones to their roster with a schedule of seasonal buds. You gotta give these guys a try, they will answer any and all of your questions too. Very informative they know their stuff! Thanks a million for the dank buds and info guys 😁💚
Anthony Keating
Anthony K.
The team is really amazing! I had a delivery issue last time and the team jumped in super quick and managed everything! I love the products they have and it's super easy to find what you need on the website.:):):)
Adriane Buhl
Adriane B.
Super quality and costumer service 💯💯From the flowers, all beautiful buds proper medical properties, always a good description of the strain 🐝🐝From the tea, bought a 10mg of berry fruits&camomile definitely very tasty and the effect it's last hours. For the 10mg one very little tea spoon and not leave for to long the leafs ahahah gets to strong the flavour 😝🙈Gave one of 5mg of camomile to my grandmother (first time of any kind of CBD) she was very surprised how good it is, plus that she wasn't high 🤣🤣From the gummies and lollipops was so cool it came as a GIFT and I will be order myself soon 🔥🔥Just the proper medical place to get it!!
Extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with
Peter M
Peter M
Best cbd company in Ireland 🇮🇪 products would blow any other cbd company out of the water, always good to customers aswell which is a bonus 💯
John Fagan
John F.
This place and its peeps are the bomb, from super friendly customer service and exceptional quality in products along with constant expanding varieties. Best service there is. You will not be disappointed
Laddie 1014
Laddie 1.
catherine kennedy
catherine K.
The best CBD shop in Ireland- great products for reasonable price, fast delivery, good package, can only recommend
Slavka Husarova
Slavka H.
Always such high quality, easy to use ordering system, loads of info on their website and responsive customer service. Been ordering for a few months and it's been top class 👌✨ would defo recommend.
J Canning
J C.
Excellent products and company to deal with. Wish they had a different transport option in case one doesn't want to pay an extra 6e for delivery but otherwise 5 stars all around. Good service and friendly staff. Give a try and you won't regret it!
Max F
Max F
Such a great experience shopping with them. Great quality product and packaging. So excited to try new strains. Perfect for thos who dont like/cant handle the affects of thc. Try and wont regret it!
Grace Browne
Grace B.
Like any other online shop! Check out! Pay and you're sorted! Fast delivery and literally no hastle! Great stuff! Thanks Guys!
Konstantin Nikolov
Konstantin N.
5 star service from 123cbd. Highly recommend.
Julie-Anne Power
Julie-Anne P.
Aoife O Leary
Aoife O L.
Quality cbd, very quick delivery and friendly staff, best cbd dispensary in ireland 10/10
Michelle O'Neill
Michelle O.
Sarah Devine
Sarah D.
5 star service from these guys best cbd in ireland 💯
Shannon Mc Ginty
Shannon Mc G.
Can not speak highly enough of this company. Amazing product, quick postage and the best customer service I've ever received!!
James Spelman
James S.
These are the no1 cbd dispensary in Ireland. From the products to the customer service they are a 5 star company. Quick delivery also. I look forward to being a customer for many years. NOT HERE TO TAKE PART HERE TO TAKE OVER!!!
david brennan
david B.
Great quality products, super friendly service and reliable delivery.As a person with multiple chronic illnesses I can't even begin to describe how much their CBD products have helped me manage my symptoms.I'm from Vancouver, where we have top class CBD products, and this stuff is up to par.Definitely recommended.
Adam Dewji
Adam D.
Great products and fast delivery
cory o connor
cory o C.

Order arrived early, the lemon flavor is good and the so is the strawberry flavour, still waiting to try the Skywalker Cali but I’ve heard good things about that one from a friend who recommended this site.
CBD Flower Summer Pack review

Excellent product, excellent flavour, excellent smell, enjoyed it more than the weed I was smoking, delivery was 3 days but worth the wait 100%, defo will order again ASAP.
CBD Flower Summer Pack review

This stuff is a revelation! Have been suffering from anxiety for more years than I care to remember and have also been an avid imbiber of thc products 🙄mistakenly believing that helped, oh how wrong I was! Having tried this cbd product I realise the other stuff just heightened my anxiety, cbd weed is what I needed all along. Only tried strawberry haze so far, sweet, fruity and cured beautifully! 😁 So relaxing with out the muddled head. Also customer service brilliant, really quick to reply to queries. So happy I found this site, keep up the good works guys!
Strawberry Haze 🍓 review

As someone who suffers from chronic pain due from a type muscular dystrophy and had an accident this time last year. I would smoked maybe an once of high grade thc every 2 weeks before seeing there website. I’ve been using the great team here since January this year I think. The strain of 🍓 haze is tasty and works great for my pain, anxiety and focus. The team are just brilliant and the customer care is second to none. They actually care about their customers and have brilliant service. Can not recommend these guys enough the knowledge and patience plus experience they have I’ve never seen before. Never have I been valued with as a customer/client by any other business. Keep up the super work guys. You have do wonders for my life by enhancing the quality day by day. Thank you so much.
Strawberry Haze 🍓 review

I ordered the summer pack around 8pm on Wednesday night. I woke up early Friday morning to see my package had arrived. Really discreetly packaged. Only tasted the strawberry haze so far but absolutely unreal will definitely be ordering again.
CBD Flower Summer Pack review

Got some strawberry buds today and I’m wl pleased and happy such a satisfying taste of it definitely will. Be getting more would highly recommend it keep up the good work guys 😊🙌
Strawberry Haze 🍓 review

Right up there in my favourites. A great flower for dealing with the days when my chronic pain is heightened, it relaxes restless legs and calms my anxious mind. I get an all over body and mind relaxing effect with this one and it’s also a great aid for sleeplessness, whether it’s pain related or anxiety related. This strain of flower is one to really give an all over body chill.
Dinamed CBD 🏥 review

This is a great product if you have issues with sleeping or suffer from insomnia this is your man as works a treat. I had a great nights sleep after using Skywalker. Tastes and smells amazing and leaves you feeling rested and refreshed the next morning which is always a good thing.
Californian SkyWalker review

This is a great product if you have issues with sleeping or suffer from insomnia this is your man as works a treat. I had a great nights sleep after using Skywalker. Tastes and smells amazing and leaves you feeling rested and refreshed the next morning which is always a good thing.
Californian SkyWalker review

Twenty years experience if u know what I mean 😉 I received my Skywalker pack today. One day after I ordered. Mellow yellow now after one. I’m not joking about this beautiful smoke. Smooth as silk. I had a terrible experience with synthetic weed. . Never touch it again. You can understand how careful u have to be. This service is Brilliant ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Don’t buy All of it now I’ve let the cat out of the bag 😂😆😆
Californian SkyWalker review

Actually smells like lemons! 🍋 I find it a nice one for having during the day. I’ve ordered from a couple of places but now I just order from 123cbd, the customer service is brilliant and the flowers are always fresh. Thanks guys!
Super Lemon Haze 🍋 review

Very nice strain, beautiful taste and very easy to use. Most of all I’m very impressed with the care and speed at which the product gets to you, at first I was a bit iffy about it but my worries have been put to rest by the care and efficiency of the company and its staff. I will be definitely using 123cbd again, thank you very much 👍😊
Super Lemon Haze 🍋 review

I tried everything the medical world had for almost 8 years and I got little to no relief and a backlash of side effects while trying it. 3 years last Feb I turned to cannabinoids, and had great relief but in the long term it wasn’t sustainable as I’d often be without supply with no warning and the higher THC content made motivation a no no. I much prefer the relief I get from the CBD, but that being said there not all good, you ca are the third supplier I tried with CBD flowers! after having trying oils also, and your products are second to none! I have been part of a feedback group of chronic pain patients in the hospital now for about 3 years and I will be bringing the joys of CBD flowers to them once it starts again. To be able to manage my pain, anxiety and depression and still have a clear head to get through the day and raise my kids is amazing and I do believe it’s to do with the way you cultivate your products. The effects are undeniable and once again I’m very grateful to you for the service you offer.
General review

I’ve tried both the rollies and the mini rolls from the king palm range. The rollies I like for daytime use with any of the dried flowers and for night time use or for days with particularly high pain levels I’ll use the mini rollies and take an extra hit. They are really easy to use and always come with a packing tool and humidity pack. They provide a very pleasant smoke and I get a lovely mild minty flavour. The corn husk is a great filter too and always enables a lovely flow of smoke. Overall a great product and one I’m really happy to have tried. A great alternative to papers and synthetic filters.
Review for King Palm