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At 123CBD, we are committed to providing great customer service and quality products while striving to be “Always Better” in all that we do. We love to hear your feedback on our products and customer service. Please see some of our recent reviews on our CBD Flowers, Oil and Resin below. 

Next day delivery, seriously tasty flower. Cannot recommend this service enough.
NoA Neill
NoA N.
Best CBD you going to get would highly recommend
Robbie Lee
Robbie L.
never had any problems at all, quick easy with quality productsMy 1 stop shop for cbd and love the box my orders come in ❤
Robert Brown
Robert B.
Wonderful website, speedy delivery, great price... And above all else, AMAZING quality. 6/5 stars
123cbd is extremely beneficial to the people of Ireland. Fast delivery and excellent quality CBD flowers. I have ordered many times and have never had any issues. All of their CBD flowers taste so good it's hard to pick a favourite. Highly recommended.
Sarah Myles
Sarah M.
Unbelievable service! Tops CBD highly recommend to anyone!
3210 #
3210 #
Very happy returning customer. The CBD flower is top quality, I love it for stress relief and relaxation. Thank you 123CBD and CBDBoyz for a great service and keeping it lit. 🙂
sammy sullivan
sammy S.
This place and its peeps are the bomb, from super friendly customer service and exceptional quality in products along with constant expanding varieties. Best service there is. You will not be disappointed
Laddie 1014
Laddie 1.
Super nice stuff, great for pain and sleep. Package arrived in 2 days. 100% getting again
harry cantwell
harry C.
Best cbd flower I’ve had. Amazingly cured and packaged brilliantly.
Amazing quality goods, great service and super fast delivery. I'll never shop anywhere else for CBD flower. 🌸🌸🌸
LouiseMarie Chosgaire
LouiseMarie C.
neil hyde
neil H.
Very good shop! I really recommend. I bought it online and everything arrived as expected. Going to buy a second time just now!
Wellington Ramos
Wellington R.
Excellent CBD flower, by far the best CBD iv smoked compared to any other CBD iv tried in this country would recommend to anyone
Alánna Mellotte
Alánna M.
Wonderful service. Got the wrong product in error, one word to the staff and they sent a driver over that day with the right one. Great product, even better customer experience.
David T
David T
Great product. Exactly as described. The packaging was discreet and the box it arrived in was cool and flashy. Definitely keeping the box up for something! Very professional all in all. Very fast delivery, great communication and excellent product. Well done lads!
Dean Mcnamara
Dean M.
Brian James McEniff
Brian James M.
Very good products and very good communication if your unsure of anything just text the lads on what's app amazing at helping you find what you need I am now a regular customer
Highly recommend great smoke and great service.
L Flood
L F.
I've ordered a few strains off this company. Strawberry Shortcake and Dave's Cake are definitely my two favourites. Great service, speedy delivery and they taste amazing!!! Will definitely be a regular customer here.
Cain Fogarty
Cain F.
Felix Rogers-Cookson
Felix R.
Excellent service, quality is incredible..packed top class and delivered in two days..highly recommended
doublezero 0.0
doublezero 0.
When you think about the quality or someone that care about your product !! U are lucky 123CBD will deliver quick will make you smileI can only recommend the amazing products and 5 stars serviceRegards Marcin Golik aka Nervous Freaks Duo from Ireland
Marcin Golik
Marcin G.
Dave's Cake is the best strain I have tried. It takes the edge off anxiety and is perfect for getting to sleep at night because it stops me overthinking everything when I get into bed. The customer service from 123 Health is unbelievably high. Will keep using this company and this strain.
Louise MGHJ
Louise M.
Padraig Mc Clean
Padraig Mc C.
Took a punt on the Stawberry Shortcake gift pack with skins and grinder, and some Dublin Lava to round it off. Two days delivery, beautifully packaged, tasty buds that are head and shoulders above some more well known vendors in this country. I'm lucky enough to get a definite relaxing effect from these strains both upstairs and in the muscles.These guys have it nailed. Hopefully a blueprint that'll one day come to include some more THC heavy strains. Matter of when, not if.
Acid Lovestar
Acid L.
Great company would advise anybody who wants cbd to go with these guys . Great customer service very helpful with information and products are banging got the cbd lava which is fire and also the lemon carmel hash which is also tops. Highly recommended these guys
Sean Hodgins
Sean H.
Smells heavenly great bud here worth the money 👍
daniel daniels
daniel D.
Best CBD flower on the market great customer care and fast delivery if that doesn’t convince you then I don’t know what will get onto them and if you’re looking for a recommended product you should try Dublin lava or cookies and cream highly recommended
JDOG Gibbons
Some of the best CBD bud available and very quick delivery
Zach K
Zach K
I was talking to 123cbd on Instagram was good to talk about the product an get an opinion before purchase I got the Dublin lava to see what it was like and have to say as soon as I opened that pack couldn’t believe it was cbd the look an the smellSo unreal FairPlay to these some serious work beenDone to help us in this country with good products and for the delivery service I ordered Friday was here next day Saturday great service thanksAgain and look forward getting a lot more in the future 🙌💚👌
Play Station
Play S.
It was amazing product i will be ordering again 😀
I have to say 123cbd are absolutely amazing they have great products, top quality CBD oils and flowers, the delivery is also super quick !!I will definitely be ordering again from 123cbd
Andrew Delaney
Andrew D.
Amazing products, smells are beautiful, 1000% couldn’t recommend better and delivery was 1 day for me
Adam Mullery
Adam M.
Getting my cbd products off 123CBD for about a year now and each purchase is better then the last. The quality is always top shelf 🔥💯
Stephen Hanley
Stephen H.
Definitely some of the nicest CBD flower i have smoked. The taste and the smell are beautiful. It definitely gives me that wind down I need at the end of a day sometimes. Definitely will be back for more
Harry Jones
Harry J.
Great customer service . Every order is delivered in a fancy box.
Adam ZiGGy
Adam Z.
Dublin Lava, Sour Lemon and Royal Cheese 🍋😍Wonderful customer service, thank you Allan we appreciate it so much😊 Beautiful flower buds, divine, lovely smell, and the pain relief is amazing for me and my husband who has osteoporosis. The buds are so fresh, the pain relief is unbelievable and packaged beautifully! Will definitely be ordering from 123CBD again, and be posting pictures ❤️👌🌿 Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year for all 🌍 🌱🌿
Eta Carinae
Eta C.
123cbd is by far the best around and ive tried a few places, everything from the products being beautiful all the flowers are delicious and fresh, but i have to say the customer service is top class nothing is a problem for these guys to go above and beyond to help you with anything, id never buy my cbd from anywhere else again
David Marsh
David M.
I was not to sure on getting the small bus and shake, but had my doubts quickly fired out the window when it arrived. A lovely mix of the strains and so many buds in the package. Unlike other companies the guys over at 123Cbd actually care about customer satisfaction and not just there own pockets. Still yet to be let down by these guys and don’t think I ever will be. Keep up the grind, big things for the new year💪💪
Dylan Wheeler
Dylan W.
Great service great buds couldn’t ask for more 💯 would highly recommend 💪🏼🔥
Daniel Hand
Daniel H.
Strawberry shortcake once of the nicest iv ever tasted. Next day courier delivery to top it all off. I hope this crowd expand and get more exposure. Very lucky to have a quality supplier like 123CBD in the market. Best of luck for 2022
Colin O'Sullivan
Colin O.
Second order from the lads at 123cbd. decided to go with the dublin lava bud this time. read reviews with Notting but great things to say about it , and they weren't wrong. could smell the bud from inside the unopened zip lock package as soon as I opened the smell proof bag really good stuff. Lovely smell and taste with a decent burn to it. On and off with the cbd flower down to poor quality bud. but 123 has definitely got themselves a repeat offender with how top notch my last two orders have been will definitely be buying more often. Highly recommend.
Rob Schneider
Rob S.
I buy cbd flower from these guys every week without fail. Hands down the best quality cbd flower ive smoked
David Allen
David A.
Great customer service always a pleasure to deal with and the buds are banging! ☺️
Jay Dee
Jay D.
Super friendly company providing clean medicine for the people 😊💚
Supreme Fixie
Supreme F.
Absolutely amazing service. Amazing products always available. Very quick delivery. I am autistic, with chronic pain, and cbd bud is the best medicine for me. I’ve been buying from here for a while, and will continue always get my medicine here!
Sab Rie
Sab R.
Absolutely brilliant to deal with very helpful with any questions you ever have or anything you need Dave is always 100%.The quality is second to none along with the delivery time and prices.Would recommend 123CBD every day of the week over anyone else.
John D
John D
No joke this place has the best looking , smelling and tasting buds I’ve tried in a year of smoking CBD. Nobody has touched on the quality these guys have!
Thomas Sheridan
Thomas S.
Wayne O reilly
Wayne O R.


We are also on TrustPilot some of our recent reviews below

Order arrived early, the lemon flavor is good and the so is the strawberry flavour, still waiting to try the Skywalker Cali but I’ve heard good things about that one from a friend who recommended this site.
CBD Flower Summer Pack review

Excellent product, excellent flavour, excellent smell, enjoyed it more than the weed I was smoking, delivery was 3 days but worth the wait 100%, defo will order again ASAP.
CBD Flower Summer Pack review

This stuff is a revelation! Have been suffering from anxiety for more years than I care to remember and have also been an avid imbiber of thc products 🙄mistakenly believing that helped, oh how wrong I was! Having tried this cbd product I realise the other stuff just heightened my anxiety, cbd weed is what I needed all along. Only tried strawberry haze so far, sweet, fruity and cured beautifully! 😁 So relaxing with out the muddled head. Also customer service brilliant, really quick to reply to queries. So happy I found this site, keep up the good works guys!
Strawberry Haze 🍓 review

As someone who suffers from chronic pain due from a type muscular dystrophy and had an accident this time last year. I would smoked maybe an once of high grade thc every 2 weeks before seeing there website. I’ve been using the great team here since January this year I think. The strain of 🍓 haze is tasty and works great for my pain, anxiety and focus. The team are just brilliant and the customer care is second to none. They actually care about their customers and have brilliant service. Can not recommend these guys enough the knowledge and patience plus experience they have I’ve never seen before. Never have I been valued with as a customer/client by any other business. Keep up the super work guys. You have do wonders for my life by enhancing the quality day by day. Thank you so much.
Strawberry Haze 🍓 review

I ordered the summer pack around 8pm on Wednesday night. I woke up early Friday morning to see my package had arrived. Really discreetly packaged. Only tasted the strawberry haze so far but absolutely unreal will definitely be ordering again.
CBD Flower Summer Pack review

Got some strawberry buds today and I’m wl pleased and happy such a satisfying taste of it definitely will. Be getting more would highly recommend it keep up the good work guys 😊🙌
Strawberry Haze 🍓 review

Right up there in my favourites. A great flower for dealing with the days when my chronic pain is heightened, it relaxes restless legs and calms my anxious mind. I get an all over body and mind relaxing effect with this one and it’s also a great aid for sleeplessness, whether it’s pain related or anxiety related. This strain of flower is one to really give an all over body chill.
Dinamed CBD 🏥 review

This is a great product if you have issues with sleeping or suffer from insomnia this is your man as works a treat. I had a great nights sleep after using Skywalker. Tastes and smells amazing and leaves you feeling rested and refreshed the next morning which is always a good thing.
Californian SkyWalker review

This is a great product if you have issues with sleeping or suffer from insomnia this is your man as works a treat. I had a great nights sleep after using Skywalker. Tastes and smells amazing and leaves you feeling rested and refreshed the next morning which is always a good thing.
Californian SkyWalker review

Twenty years experience if u know what I mean 😉 I received my Skywalker pack today. One day after I ordered. Mellow yellow now after one. I’m not joking about this beautiful smoke. Smooth as silk. I had a terrible experience with synthetic weed. . Never touch it again. You can understand how careful u have to be. This service is Brilliant ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Don’t buy All of it now I’ve let the cat out of the bag 😂😆😆
Californian SkyWalker review

Actually smells like lemons! 🍋 I find it a nice one for having during the day. I’ve ordered from a couple of places but now I just order from 123cbd, the customer service is brilliant and the flowers are always fresh. Thanks guys!
Super Lemon Haze 🍋 review

Very nice strain, beautiful taste and very easy to use. Most of all I’m very impressed with the care and speed at which the product gets to you, at first I was a bit iffy about it but my worries have been put to rest by the care and efficiency of the company and its staff. I will be definitely using 123cbd again, thank you very much 👍😊
Super Lemon Haze 🍋 review

I tried everything the medical world had for almost 8 years and I got little to no relief and a backlash of side effects while trying it. 3 years last Feb I turned to cannabinoids, and had great relief but in the long term it wasn’t sustainable as I’d often be without supply with no warning and the higher THC content made motivation a no no. I much prefer the relief I get from the CBD, but that being said there not all good, you ca are the third supplier I tried with CBD flowers! after having trying oils also, and your products are second to none! I have been part of a feedback group of chronic pain patients in the hospital now for about 3 years and I will be bringing the joys of CBD flowers to them once it starts again. To be able to manage my pain, anxiety and depression and still have a clear head to get through the day and raise my kids is amazing and I do believe it’s to do with the way you cultivate your products. The effects are undeniable and once again I’m very grateful to you for the service you offer.
General review

I’ve tried both the rollies and the mini rolls from the king palm range. The rollies I like for daytime use with any of the dried flowers and for night time use or for days with particularly high pain levels I’ll use the mini rollies and take an extra hit. They are really easy to use and always come with a packing tool and humidity pack. They provide a very pleasant smoke and I get a lovely mild minty flavour. The corn husk is a great filter too and always enables a lovely flow of smoke. Overall a great product and one I’m really happy to have tried. A great alternative to papers and synthetic filters.
Review for King Palm