123CBD Autumn Launch 2022

123CBD Autumn Launch 2022

On the 5th of September 2022 we will be having our Autumn product launch. We have had two previous launches this year, Spring and Summer.

Here is a list of products our customers enjoyed from the previous seasonal launches this year;

Mak’s Pie, Daves Cake, Bakers delight, Jungle Apples, Purple Cheese, Gorilla Glue 2, Lemon Haze, Purple Diesel, Cookies & Cream CBD, Dublin Lava CBD, Sour lemon CBD, Pineapple Sundae, Strawberry Shortcake CBD, Frosted Cake, Lebanese CBD Hash, Lemon Caramel CBD Hash, CBD Shake, CBD OIL 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil,  20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Full spectrum CBD Pet oil.

CBD Product Seasonality

Every organic product we sell is always fresh from the farm. This is one of the reasons why we have four launches a year. Some products come and go just like the seasons.

Autumn Launch 2022

We are bringing a new range of products into our shop this year ‘Disposable vaping cartridges. Two kinds of cartridges to meet out customers needs.  CBD and HHC vape cartridges and rechargeable batteries. These disposable cartridges are made naturally in California, blended only with highest quality full spectrum Cannabinoids and natural cannabis terpenes.

We will offer two types or cartridges:

  • 97% HHC Vape cartridges
  • 58% CBD Vape cartridges

If your new to vaping we will be offering a vape kit. This Vape kit comes with a 510 rechargeable battery and a 1ml vape cartridge of your choice. The battery is compact and has three heat settings.

Along with our new vaping range we will have three new flower strains. Bored 8th, Hippy Crasher and Mai Tai. I hope you have a fantastic Summer and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.