123CBD Terpene Spotlight: Linalool

123CBD Terpene Spotlight: Linalool

In this edition of terpene spotlight, it is all about linalool. This fragrant terp isn’t only abundant in the plant-world it is likely in a variety of products sitting in your home right now!

What Is Linalool?

Linalool is an extremely popular terpene thanks to its delightfully floral bouquet. While best known for its bright scent, a mildly spicy undertone makes linalool truly unique. This terpene is used in a wide variety of goods from body balms to cleaning products. In fact, nearly 80 percent of soaps, shampoos and detergents contain linalool because of its pleasant fragrance.

The linalool terpene is also among the most commonly occurring natural terpenes. While heavily abundant in lavender, it can also be found in sweet basil, rosewood and laurel. Linalool is so prevalent that the average person consumes nearly two pounds of the terpene in their food every year—no cannabis consumption required!

If looking to cannabis for health and wellness benefits, linalool is a great terp to explore. It’s mostly known to promote rest and relaxation. It also performs well as an anti-inflammatory, a neuroprotectant and a pain reliever.