123CBD Terpene spotlight: What Is Pinene?

123CBD Terpene spotlight: What Is Pinene?

Did you know that many unique scents come from terpenes. These molecules (sometimes referred to as terps) are responsible for the unique flavors and aromas in herbs and plants.

What Is Pinene?

Most often found in pine trees, the aptly named pinene smells exactly like it sounds: evergreen and fresh. The terp is also present in rosemary, dill, and even orange peel. Pinene is often used commercially in cleaning products and insecticides as the aroma is a natural deterrent to most bugs.

There are two types of pinene: alpha and beta. They are nearly identical except for how they perform when exposed to liquid:  alpha-pinene is slightly water-soluble while beta-pinene is not. Alpha-pinene is far more common in cannabis so when you see pinene on a label at the dispensary, it’s the alpha!

Therapeutically, pinene has been shown to offer a wide range of health benefits. If you’re hoping to consume cannabis to treat inflammation, anxiety or pain, pinene may be the terp for you.