4 Ways to Prevent HHC Cartridges From Leaking

4 Ways to Prevent HHC Cartridges From Leaking

HHC Cartridges are one of the newest methods of consuming cannabis. These vape pens offer a more discreet and convenient way of boosting your ECS than other methods. They are straightforward to use and don’t require much experience. However, many people need to treat these cartridges sufficiently, and they can spill or leak everywhere. But, there are ways to prevent this from happening! Here are five tips for preventing leaks from HHC cartridges.

Store your cartridge correctly

Store your HHC cartridge in a dry and cool place. This will prevent it from getting too hot and causing it to overflow and leak. If you have purchased the HHC kit from us, it’s best to store it in the case.

Use your vape at the correct temperature

If you have purchased the complete HHC kit, the battery we provided has three heat settings. Green is low, Blue is medium, and Red is high. You can swap between heat settings by pressing the button 3 times! We recommend vaping in colour Blue. If you are not vaping at the correct temperature, you will be sucking resin into the chamber that hasn’t been correctly vaporised. This will start to leak out the top and down the side of the glass all over your hands.

Don’t screw too tight

Screwing the cartridge onto the battery too tight is one of the leading causes of leaking. Your cartridge will leak because you are screwing a soft, pliable metal on the bottom of the cartridge to a tough metal on the battery. As a result, the soft, malleable metal on the cartridge will start to warp, and you will be covered in resin.

Keep it upright, and don’t shake it!

The most common reasons for leaks are storing the cartridge incorrectly and shaking it around. So ensure you keep your cartridge upright when not in use and keep it from moving around too much.