A beginners guide to buying CBD Oil

A beginners guide to buying CBD Oil

As the popularity of CBD explodes around the world, the range of CBD products has too.

As Ireland’s most popular CBD brand, we want to help people understand the benefits CBD oil can have on your daily life. For this reason, we spent 15 months exploring the vast amount of CBD oils on the market.

Value for Money

The cost of 90% of CBD oil on the market today is overinflated. There is no need to charge a customer €55 for a 10% bottle of CBD oil. Over the last number of years, CBD oil has not come down in price. Companies have figured out like they always do, if they mix cheaper carrier oils with the CBD that’s been extracted from the hemp plant, like hemp seed oil or olive oil it brings the cost per ml down for them. And they make more profit!

CBD oil lasts a lot longer than other CBD products on the market, like gummies. Each bottle of CBD oil Contains approx 220-240 drops and come in medium and high strengths. You only need a few drops to get an average serving of 10 – 30 mg of CBD into your system. A CBD drink, capsule or CBD gummy contain only 3-5 mg of CBD per serving, and you will need to use a lot which will end up costing you more money in the long run.

It gets to work fast

CBD oil passes through your digestive system since its take orally. CBD oil can absorb as quickly as 20 min for some people, making it one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your CBD. There is no waiting around, it gets to work in minutes.

Control your CBD dosage

It is very easy to find your optimum dosage with CBD oil – you can simply add an extra drop or reduce the drops you take. It’s not as easy to alter your CBD dosage when using other forms of CBD. Because there is a set amount in each serving and limited choice when it comes to strengths. If you cant control your CBD dosage and taking too much CBD or too little, what your trying to achieve can be impossible.

Nothing is added or taken away

Your body is able to absorb more CBD when taken as oil when compared to other edible products. Absorption is much lower when CBD has to be broken down in your digestive system. If you eat a CBD gummy or other CBD products lots of vital nutrients and cannabinoids are lost in your gut. Your body is working overtime on the hard edible products, but the oil is light and carried by healthy fats into your system from your mouth and stomach. Our CBD oil is a natural as the flower itself, nothing added or taken away.

Here at 123CBD, we make sure to clearly mark all of our products, we always keep the product quality high and the product cost low. We want as many people to benefit from the magnificent plant, it’s not all about us!