A CBD Bud or Flower Is More Than a Percentage

A CBD Bud or Flower Is More Than a Percentage

What a title right? Most of us when purchasing something online or in a store focus on numbers..

What time is it open? How long will it take to arrive? How many should I buy? What price is it? How many people are in the queue ? The functionality is something that comes with all products but it’s the numbers that govern our purchases and thinking!

With that in mind, large company’s abuse the psychological side of our shopping experience, and program us to look for the % of CBD in a product. It’s the most highlighted text on the package, bag or jar.

@123cbd we get customers who compare our CBD % to other companies. This is honestly as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle!!

It’s not about the CBD % completely that is a factor, but should not be the governing factor on purchasing a cannabis product.

what is it about then?

Now we’re getting somewhere, it’s the overall quality of the CBD Flowers. It’s the terpenes profile of each flower. The profiles are A-PIENE / LINALOOL / BETA / CARYOPHYLLENE / MYRCENE / LIMONENE. They carry a multitude of medical properties over 120 to be exact.

The cannabinoids and terpenes are immediately affected when growers harvest the plant. If the curing process is cut short you start losing the quality, this will ultimately affect the flower but not the % of CBD because the plant was harvested when the trichomes turned brown and the plant excreted as much CBD as it could!

As you know we shout from the hilltops about Storing your Hemp in its optimum environment, one-word Boveda humidity control sachets. We sell them there like a Euro or two and it goes a million miles in preserving that flower. That being said we’re now working with the CBDBOYZ who have the whole process from seed to flower wrapped Up.



Take care,
CBD Dave