About 123CBD & CBD Dave

About 123CBD & CBD Dave

My name is Dave or some people call me CBD Dave. I have had a passion for cannabis since a very young age. I grew my very first cannabis plant when I was 14 years old and was hooked! Jumping forward to 2019 after spending months importing CBD flowers from Europe to make organic CBD oil from scratch for someone close to me who needed it for their health. I couldn’t help but notice that the flower I was purchasing was terrible and the price reflected it. The main issue was that the flower was really low quality and not cured correctly. I knew that I could find the highest quality CBD flower on the market, and boom here we are.

The photo is a picture of my business partner and I on the Hill of Howth where our ideas to create a Homegrown CBD company came to life!

A Passion for Health

I have a passion for health, 123CBD grew from me trying to help a loved one close to me who was struggling with their health. This amazing plant touches many lives and I’m very proud to be able to be part of it. If only I could tell you every success story from all the customers we serve, but we are all about privacy and that’s the way it will stay.

A Passion for Privacy

I have a passion for privacy, I come from a world where parents had to come looking for you and if you were anyway good at hiding you could stay out all night. Now we live in a world where it’s nearly impossible to be private and the world has become so impersonal. Your privacy is paramount, we go above and beyond to make sure the packing and delivery service is discreet, so you can rest easy when you order from us.

Why is 123CBD best? A Passion for Privacy

It’s not about profit for me it’s about perfection. We take care of every aspect of your experience from start to finish. We can’t have any less than perfection. When you grow a plant from seed to flower you develop a lot of discipline and some serious attention to detail, this very ethos is what makes 123CBD the company that it is today.

What is next for 123CBD?

We are constantly updating our product range, From CBD flower four times a year to the very best extracts, the world has to offer. Without giving too much away we will be bringing some new health products into our range in the future, Topical creams, fungi products, and natural supplements.

Thank you for your continued support see you on the flip side,

CBD Dave