Are CBD Vape Pens legal in Ireland?

Are CBD Vape pens legal in Ireland

Are CBD Vape Pens legal in Ireland?

Yes, CBD Vape pens are legal in Ireland, the use of CBD products is no longer a restricted or unreported subject here in Ireland.

From high profile campaigns to local coffee shops offering a shot of CBD oil into your hot beverage. As Greater access to cannabis-based products has flooded the market, many consumers still can’t get it into their heads that CBD is legal for consumption in Ireland.

Vaping in Ireland’s rules and laws

Vaping CBD products in Ireland does not come under the same laws as traditional smoking. However, the rules can be very confusing and government restrictions are confined to certain public areas.

Where in Ireland is it ok to vape CBD?

Vaping cafes are increasingly popular on the east coast of Ireland such as Dublin, Cork, Bray and the midlands. A good few CBD vape stores have opened on the west coast, mainly Galway, Kerry and Sligo. You are allowed to vape in any open space such as the beach, parks and any street. You can legally vape in designated smoking areas in shops, restaurants, and cafes. Some of these eating and drinking establishments will allow you to vape indoors.

Where it is never ok to vape CBD in Ireland

It is prohibited to vape on any public transport such as Dublin bus, Iarnrod Eireann and Bus Eireann have banned the use of electronic vapes. Last year the HSE banned vaping from its buildings and properties. This means you cant vape any electronic product in any public health service facility. Which includes hospitals, primary care facilities and their administrative buildings.

If in doubt, just ask

Rules and regulations for CBD products around the world are confusing and are in constant flux. The best thing to always do if you are unsure is just ask. It may be difficult to explain to someone that vaping CBD is not the same as smoking a cigarette, but when In doubt be polite and explain it as best as you can.