Baker’s Delight CBD Flower Review

Baker's Delight CBD Flower Review

Baker’s Delight CBD Flower Review

Light shades of green provide a suitable background for sporadic patches of purple, interlaced with bright orange pistils on each flower. A great amount of detail went into the cure which is evident by the substantial layer of glistening trichomes. Anyone with a  sweet tooth should be ready for the baker’s delight strain.

What is the taste of Bakers Delight?

The potent sweet aroma provides the foundation for a notable fruit flavour. One of the most delicious strain I have tasted so far, with a nice creamy touch that leaves a wonderful mouthfeel. It’s very typical of any sorbet, sweet and quite dense. The terpene profile is very similar to a strain we had called cookies and cream, just a lot stronger!

How is Bakers Delight CBD Grown?

Bakers Delight CBD is an indoor strain. It takes about 11 weeks to grow and harvest. It grows very well under 600w HPS Lights. However, it is very important to control the humidity with Bakers Delight as it is prone to bud rot.

Why are Bakers Delight buds Purple and Green?

Temperature plays a vital role in the colour of any CBD strain. Chlorophyll is the plant’s component that it uses for photosynthesis when the temperature is hot and cold. Depending on the genetics, certain colours can change and appear when the temperature or light cycle is changed during the flowering period. A common misconception is that strains with bold colours are more potent. The truth is that colour has nothing to do with potency it is just an aesthetic.