Bakers Delight CBD Review & Tasting Notes

Bakers Delight CBD Review & Tasting Notes

A desert treat, Bakers Delight CBD is one of the fastest-selling flowers we have had, it was in stock for one week, and then it completely sold out! It’s got that special something that everyone wants.

It’s sticky, with some lovely Purple hues shining through the lime Green flower. Do not sleep on this strain; we made sure to stock up, but we can’t make any promises that it will stay in stock for a long time.

Background on Bakers Delight CBD

This strain has the most beautiful flowers we have ever seen. Baker’s Delight CBD has a cookie appearance with a sweet sorbet aroma. The flower is perfectly cured with lovely dense Purple and Green buds. The purple colour has nothing to do with the aroma or taste.


A dessert treat, Bakers Delight comes from high-level genetics. Dank flavour and smell, Buds are bulbous and dense with light green and purple hues interlaced with dark orange pistils.