Boveda Humidity Packs formally Humidipak

Boveda Humidity Packs

Boveda Humidity Packs formally Humidipak

Who and what is Boveda?

Hey 123CBD Army

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the nice weather. I just want to share some information about Boveda humidty packs – what they are and why we have decided to team up with them.

The Background

Boveda was formally known as Humidipak based in the USA. Boveda owns patients related to two-way humidity control for packing, including a multipurpose humid pack that manages moisture, absorbs oxygen and controls mould. Numerous company’s use the Boveda technology in their products. As of 2014 Boveda is carried in over 2500 stores specifically for the cigar market, food storage, wooden instruments and herbal cannabis.

What does that mean for CBD / Hemp?

When it comes to keeping CBD fresh, most consumers are pretty familiar with some basics.

  • Do keep in an airtight container in a cool dry place, out of bright light.
  • Do keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Don’t store your CBD in plastic.
  • Don’t use orange peel as a freshener.

So I’m here to advise you that there is a way to store your CBD that goes beyond the baggie or a mason jar – ways that will help keep terpenes (compounds that give each plant its distinct aroma and flavour) intact.

Soooo what does this have to do with Boveda humidity packs and CBD Flowers?

What you need to understand is – when the plant was growing and producing beautiful flowers it was used to relative humidity (RH) between 30% – 40 %. This RH is set by our expert farmers when our CBD plants are in the last few weeks before harvest. When the plant is harvested it is full of water. In this damp state, they are no good for consumption. The Hemp plant is then stored in a cool dark place with 62% RH Boveda packs – which is the perfect humidity to cure the Hemp for use. After they are cured and the Boveda humidity pack has done its job – it’s time for the CBD flower to go up for sale on

Since we use Boveda RH Humidity packs during the curing process it means that our Hemp products are always kept in the correct RH for you. And we don’t stop there! All our CBD products are packaged with 1 gram Boveda RH packs. Keeping everything fresh.


Stay safe
CBD Dave