CBD Ireland Keeping it Lit 🔥

CBD Ireland Keeping it Lit 🔥

We admit it; we are kind of obsessed with CBD. But not just CBD for us, but CBD for everyone – we are always thinking up ways to improve CBD products. This campaign focuses on our product quality, packing and user experience.

Did you know that without fire keeping the the world would be a different place. We would be less productive because without light. Food we eat wouldn’t give us vital nutrients we would need to survive. This campaign is very fitting for our constant desire for change and improvement.

So what’s going on the fire then?

CBD Oils, Cold extracts and melts.

CBD Oil has been a big focus for us for the last 12 months. Let’s be honest the market Is heavily saturated with CBD Oils. Every company claims they have the best CBD oil, and it’s just this battle for placement. The facts are it’s a plant, it’s grown, then the juices are squeezed and depending on the method of extraction, that should dictate the price. The highest quality CBD oil you can buy right now is Full Spectrum CBD oil. We stock both a 10% full Spectrum and a 20% full Spectrum.

CBD Cold extracts

The principle behind cold CBD extracts is the clean preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes. With no added ingredients. Cold extraction respects the fundamental integrity of the original cannabinoid profile. We appreciate this magnificent plant and will offer like-minded people the chance to try some cold extracts this winter.

CBD full Melts

Full melt products are solvent-less extracts. They tend to be more potent and are becoming one of the safest ways to use CBD next to CBD oil. There are two types of melts, full melt and half melt. We will discuss our new extracts in upcoming articles.

CBD Flowers and packing

We are always looking to develop the highest quality flower with our growers. As some of you already know, we have four launches a year offering new strains and accessories. There are Some lovely strains that are growing at the moment. That being said, we have changed the way you will receive your flower. For over a year, your flower was stored and shipped in pull ring aluminium tins, as of today that has stopped. You will now receive CBD flowers in a smell proof, food save foiled bag we beleive this will improve the shelf life of each product. Don’t worry the Boveda humidity control sachet will still be included for free!


Great products and new services are coming in 2021 and into 2022. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Let’s stoke the fire together and keep this fire lit.