CBD Summer Launch 2022

CBD Summer Launch 2022

This is our second launch of 2022. New Strains On the 9th of May! We are pleased to be able to say that we will be launching our second launch this year for Summer. As many of you know when the weather is fine the strains shine! You can expect some high-class CBD flowers coming to our website soon.

Bakers Delight CBD

This is a Purple and Green type of flower, sweet and sour. The bud structure is compact, sticky and very similar to a strain we once had called Purple Haze CBD.

Sour Gas Apples CBD

This strain has a light green colour like a Granny Smith Apple. The bud structure is fluffy and light, it has a strong smell and lovely flavour.

The Lowest price CBD flower in Ireland

You heard that right, we will be selling the lowest CBD flower in Ireland and possibly Europe very soon. This will be our very first Greenhouse-grown strain and can confirm the quality and price is outstanding.

The Last CBD flower is a surprise, we will release more information about it soon.


I would highly recommend a J-case coming into the summer. It will keep your roll discreet and waterproof! I guarantee you will love the new flavours coming into our collection this summer.