Chamomile CBD Tea Review

Chamomile CBD Tea Review

Hi Guys, I’m the Tea Lady!! Actually I’m a – CBD, Tea, Coffee, prescribed meds from hard-core pain killers to the usually cocktail of anti-inflammatories – Lady! A pill for every ill and I’m a connoisseur, sorry to say. I’m one of the many sufferers of one of those mysterious range of contemporary Autoimmune diseases. Won’t go into all the details, maybe in another blog, in short, after approximately fifteen years I was recently diagnosed with a – Connective Tissue disease of the Lupus family, not Lupus but in the same family. Hoping it’s a very distant cousin twice removed!

Some years back, I took myself off pain meds and anti-inflammatories and took a stroll down the alternative medicine road – and what did I find? – CBD Oil!


After about a month all pain was reduced to a low white noise – instead of a howling alley-cat ripping at my flesh with it’s claws all day!

Success at last! I’ve been on it about four years now – what a blessing. Along the way I tried the CBD flowers too, combined with the oil, not only has it immensely reduced pain and fatigue but has enhanced my sleep quality and quality of life. I cannot stress enough how CBD has given me back a quality of life.

Sooo, then I tried the CBD Tea

Firstly – I love tea! I don’t mean – milk and two sugars – I mean I love diffusing loose teas and herbal teas, etc. Two that I know work for anxiety and digestive issues are Chamomile Tea and Peppermint Tea! Anyone who has been on pain and anti-inflammatory meds long term can testify to digestive issues from stomach ulcers to hernias, to name but two, one of which I have, as for the others – I’ll leave that to a blog after the other blog!

So here’s a quick review of the Chamomile CBD Tea

It’s beautiful, smooth and sooo aromatic it almost hugs you! One of the best quality Chamomile Teas I’ve ever had. And it’s a double whammy! Chamomile tea is good for anxiety and aides sleep, CBD is good for anxiety and aides sleep. Put the two together and what do you get – calmness and sweet dreams x 2. Personally I chose the 10mg option – what can I say I’m a connoisseur!



I can only tell you this from the point of view of a lay connoisseur of long-term illness and CBD products. This is why 123CBD invited me onboard, to share my knowledge and experience with their ever growing CBD community. You don’t have to use several different CBD products, rather try choose a combination that works for you. As for me, the CBD Oil, Flowers and Tea trio works. I’ve learnt what my body needs and when. But I would highly recommend the Oil and Tea combination if you are not comfortable with inhaling the flowers. One last thing, I’m not saying CBD totally eliminates pain, but I am saying it greatly, in my case immensely, reduces chronic pain and many other health issues. Do I still take pain meds in times of acute pain? Yes, occasionally, but it’s no longer part of my daily diet thanks to CBD.

Next time I’ll give you a rundown of the benefits of Chamomile and Peppermint Teas! The Tea Lady