David’s CBD story

David’s CBD story

When it comes to the health benefits of CBD and how cannabinoids help some people function day to day. Big corporations have put a stop to CBD companies like us from talking about CBD, and how this natural product can help people.

Here is David M CBD testimony that he sent into us this week.

“Here is my CBD story. So I broke my neck 6yrs ago and snapped the tendons at the top of my spinal cord. I had C4, C5 fusion and was left with serious nerve pain all down my arms and in my left leg.

Because of my accident the hospital and doctor put me on very heavy painkillers, after roughly 2yrs of being left like a zombie from the heavy medication, I decided that I needed to get off them because they were negatively impacting my life. I was introduced to CBD by a friend from Spain and started using CBD flowers and taking CBD oil on a regular basis. This was a great help, the CBD was taking away a good bit of pain and letting me function somewhat of a normal life.

After a few weeks of using CBD products, I found that I could do things that most people take for granted. Such as playing with my children and getting a good night’s sleep! I started experimenting with different CBD companies around Europe, but to be honest they were not great, so I got back onto my mate in Spain, and he put me onto a Spanish company that he recommended out there.

I placed my order and of course customs seized it even with the correct documentation which proved its legitimacy. I was left searching the country for another company and by luck I hit on 123cbd and placed a small order with them. My order arrived swiftly, well packaged and when I opened it the smell was beautiful. After using the products, I purchased from 123cbd I was in heaven. Instant feeling of relaxation and relieve from pain!

I was that excited I informed my GP that I was using this as my medication rather than what the neurologist gave me, I also told the specialist in Galway that I no longer wanted or needed the pain meds as I was self-medicating with CBD. CBD was working for me to ease the pain, plus I was able to get good night’s sleep without waking up in pain and having to pop pills.

I have tried a few strains from this company, which are all high quality. I find that the hashish mixed with the flowers works very well for my pain. I would recommend anyone to give this company a try I personally find the customer service is next to none and the best in the business by far, trust me you will not be disappointed, I haven’t touched a painkiller in years. “

David M

If you have a CBD story and wish to speak up, you can get in touch with us anytime. We would love to hear your story! Its the people’s plant.