The difference between CBD Resin & CBD Rosin?

the difference between CBD Resin & CBD Rosin

The difference between CBD Resin & CBD Rosin?

The CBD market has many different types of products and it can get confusing. We all know one of the most popular CBD product is CBD oil. To understand resin or rosin you need to understand what exactly CBD oil is. CBD Oil is extracted from the Sativa hemp plant, through heat and pressure. Once the extraction process is complete each plant provides a wide range of cannabinoids and natural accuring terpenes. Once the resin is extracted from the plant its gets diluted and mixed with another carrier oil. The most popular CBD oil on the market is full-spectrum, second to that is broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum is everything the plant has to offer is in that little bottle of oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil has a few things taken out of it. With all this in mind resin and rosin contains all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes, the only real difference is it’s not diluted which makes it very potent, pure and natural.

CBD Resin vs Live CBD Rosin

Both live Resin and live Rosin are naturally occurring products contained in the plants trichomes – a potent extract that utilizes a natural product found in the cannabis plant to create a connoisseur-like experience.

1) CBD Resin

CBD resin is soft and pliable. It has a yellow/ amber color and a sugary texture. It is very potent and considered a high-end product.

CBD Resin Extraction

This process is more complex than any other method of extraction. The whole plant once harvested is frozen, later the live resin is extracted using a light extraction method.

CBD Resin Taste

Because the plant was frozen just after harvest, this resin retains the plant’s natural terpenes and cannabinoids. Live resin is loved by hemp and cannabis experts because of its exquisite taste. It is regarded as a superior product for those reasons.

2) CBD Rosin

CBD rosin rivals the most potent CBD products on the market today when its skillfully extracted from the proper material.

CBD Rosin Extraction

Rosin is made by applying a certain amount of heat and pressure, to fresh CBD flower, CBD hash, or CBD keif to release the resin from the plant. Unlike any other extraction method, there are no chemicals added in this process.

CBD Rosin Taste

The flavor profile depends on the flower it comes from. Nothing is added on the back end in the way of terpenes. The flavor profile and smell comes directly from the cannabinoid profile of the flower itself.

Know what you are buying

Not all concentrates are created the same. Each concentrate differ in their methods of extraction, distillation, flower type and quality, curation and more. Each of these factors produce different experience and level of quality.