Disposable Vape Ban in Ireland

Disposable Vape Ban in Ireland

We take pride in not stocking disposable vapes for several reasons. Unlike our products, disposable vapes are single-use devices that contribute to electronic waste. When disposed of, they contain intricate electronic components, including batteries, that are challenging to recycle and may contain hazardous materials. Additionally, they utilize rare and costly resources that could otherwise be part of a sustainable circular economy.

Moreover, the improper disposal of disposable vapes, particularly damaged lithium-ion batteries, poses safety risks to waste collection workers and the environment.

To help Ireland transition to a greener climate  the Department of the Environment, Climate, and Communications has proposed multiple options, including a potential ban on manufacturing and selling disposable vaping devices under the Waste Management Act 1996, the establishment of a deposit and return system, or enhancements to the producer responsibility scheme.

At our store, we prioritize eco-friendliness and sustainability

We offer rechargeable batteries that can be used repeatedly, reducing the need for constant replacements. Our CBD and HHC cartridges can be conveniently replaced when empty, promoting a more environmentally conscious approach. This way, you not only help protect the environment but also enjoy higher-quality vaping experiences.

Ossian Smyth, the minister of state with special responsibility for communications and the circular economy, recognizes the importance of transitioning to a circular economy and supports efforts to restrict the sale and advertising of disposable vaping products. This aligns with our commitment to offering sustainable and high-quality alternatives to disposable vapes.

The Government in the most recent budget has been criticised for not introducing its promised tax of ‘ecigs’. Will we see a outright ban on disposable vapes next year?