Boveda Humidity Packs (Humidity Solution for Cigars, Coffee & CBD)




The world’s smartest humidity control packs…
No thinking required!

All flowers you purchase form 123cbd are stored in CVaults with Boveda humidity control packs. Keep it sealed, keep it fresh and keep that flavour!


Not a lot of people know how to store flowers: is it in a bag, a jar, plastic tubs? Of course you can store it in whatever you like; but be prepared for your flowers to dry out, loose flavour and Terpenes.

The Boveda packs are for curing and storage, what the grinder is to preparation; imagine, always having perfectly humidified product, you will be amazed!

Relative Humidity (RH) Level for Cannabis

You can’t go wrong with the Boveda RH that you choose. Both 58% RH and 62% RH are within the ASTM recommendations for safely storing your cannabis. Boveda works quickly to bring your RH to the precise % on the pack. It just comes down to a personal preference. So here are some questions we often ask to help make a first choice and test for yourself.

  • Do you live in a dry climate and are used to smoking drier cannabis? Start with 58% RH and see what you think.
  • Do you live in a humid climate and worry about mold often? Start with 62% RH.
  • Do you prefer much stickier bud? Start with 62%.

Either way, you can be confident your cannabis and its terpenes will be protected with the original terpene shield™.

The way in which medicinal herbs are stored affects the quality of the product. Curing and storage of the product needs to be kept at the correct humidity levels. When herb is combined with the use of Boveda humidity packs it guarantees an optimal quality product. The storage system conserves quality and prevents the herbs from losing weight and degrading.


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