Happy CBD 420 2021

Happy CBD 420 2021

Happy CBD 420, please enjoy 15% discount on all our CBD flowers from now until Tuesday the 20th of April.

Background on 420 day; 

In 1971 in California five school children used the term 4:20 to describe a place growing ilegal Cannabis. The five school children made a plan to meet everyday at 4:20pm to discuss how they were going to find A map that the grower which they must have known showed exactly where this Cannabis crop was growing.

After many meetings at 4:20pm the teens failed to move forward and find the map which showed the location of this valued crop. 4:20 stuck and this term became a popular Cannabis term within California and now the world.

International 4:20 April 20th

April 20 has become an international counterculture day. where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.Many such events have a political nature to them, advocating the liberalisation/ legalisation of cannabis.

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