RAW Classics VS RAW Black VS RAW Ethereal: A Comparison

RAW Classics VS RAW Black VS RAW Ethereal: A Comparison

RAW is synonymous with quality in the world of rolling papers, offering a range of options to suit every smoker’s preference. Let’s delve into the differences between RAW Classics, RAW Black, and the new RAW Ethereal, and see which one reigns supreme.

RAW Classics

Time-Tested Quality: RAW Classics are the original papers introduced by RAW, setting the standard for excellence in rolling papers. Since their inception in 2005, they’ve been crafted with the finest natural materials, providing a smooth smoking experience.

Even Burn: These papers are known for their consistency in burn, allowing smokers to enjoy their CBD flower without worrying about uneven combustion. The quality of RAW Classics ensures that every puff is as satisfying as the last.

Versatility: RAW Classics are versatile enough to appeal to a wide range of smokers, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. Their reliability and ease of use make them a staple in any rolling kit.

RAW Black

Ultra-Thin Design: RAW Black papers take thinness to the next level, offering a lighter and more delicate smoking experience compared to RAW Classics. The thinness of these papers allows for a heightened flavour profile, letting the nuances of the CBD flower shine through.

Enhanced Flavour: The thinner nature of RAW Black papers allows for a purer taste, with less interference from the paper itself. Smokers can fully appreciate the terpenes and aromas of their CBD flower without any added distractions.

Slow Burn: Despite their thinness, RAW Black papers are designed to burn slowly and evenly, ensuring a consistent smoking experience from start to finish. This slow burn also contributes to a smoother draw, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

RAW Ethereal

Unprecedented Thinness: RAW Ethereal papers represent the pinnacle of thinness in rolling papers, providing a nearly weightless smoking experience. Their ultra-thin design allows smokers to enjoy the purest taste of their CBD flower, with minimal interference from the paper.

Maximized Flavor: With RAW Ethereal papers, the focus is squarely on the flavour of the CBD flower. The paper virtually disappears, leaving behind only the true essence of the strain. Every puff is an explosion of taste and aroma, making for an unforgettable smoking session.

Effortless Rolling: Despite their delicate nature, RAW Ethereal papers are surprisingly easy to roll. The thinness of the paper makes for a seamless rolling experience, resulting in perfectly crafted joints every time.


When it comes to RAW rolling papers, each variety offers its own unique advantages. RAW Classics provide reliability and consistency, while RAW Black takes thinness and flavour to new heights. And now, with RAW Ethereal, smokers can experience the ultimate in thinness and taste. Ultimately, the choice between them comes down to personal preference, with all RAW products offering superior quality.

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