123CBD Spring Launch 2023

123CBD Spring Launch 2023

On the 6th of February 2023, we will be having our first seasonal product launch. Four seasonal launches a year bring new products and flavours.

CBD Product Seasonality

Every organic product we sell is always fresh from the farm. This is one of the reasons why we have four launches a year. Some products come and go just like the seasons.

Here is a list of products our customers enjoyed from the previous seasonal launches last year;

HHC Vape cartridges, CBD Vape cartridges, Bakers Delight, Apes Grape, Jungle Apples, Lemon Caramel CBD Hash, CBD Shake, CBD OIL 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil,  20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Full spectrum CBD Pet oil.

Spring Launch 2023

This year, we are bringing a new range of products into our shop, edibles. We are a firm believer in gut health and how cannabis works very, really well when digested.  To start, we will be stocking HHC and CBD gummies. Along with our new edible range, we will have three new flower strains.

New Flower strains

We are delighted to be able to bring three new flower strains. Jimmy’s breath, Macs Pie and Strawberry eva After. We have some citrus funk with Jimmy’s breath and that sweet pie-like crust with Macs pie!

New Hash products

For this launch, we will have two new hash types and flavours. The first is Choco loco CBD hash has a fudge-like texture with that old skool 90s twist! This is the first type of CBD hash on the market. The second CBD hash is Iceolator CBD hash, made by washing fresh CBD flowers in water and ice. The cold water freezes the trichomes on the flower, and they are mixed into the cold water. Once we are happy with the ice extraction, the water is flushed through various micron filters until the trichomes and terpenes are captured. This product is very pure and potent! If you haven’t tried a CBD hash like this, it’s a CBD hash you must try!