Summer Launch 2021 – 123CBD

Summer Launch 2021 – 123CBD

Hello all, Coming On the 17th of May 2021 is our second launch of 2021 ‘Summer’ We had a fantastic first launch in February. With great feedback from our customers. The days are getting longer and the Sun is starting to make an appearance.

Let’s get into it!

On the picnic table for this launch is Dublin Lava, Royal Cheese, Skywalker, Sour gas apples and a few other strains in small batches.

You would notice that some of our accessories such as original Raw Papers & OCB papers are out of stock we are working closely with our supplier and will have these back in stock as soon as we can.

Sour Gas Apples CBD

Sour Gas apples CBD is a strain for those flavor chasers. This is the first Apple flavor strain on the market today, sour gas apples has a pungent sour & gas flavor, even the color of this strain will remind you of green cooking apple.

Dublin Lava CBD – Ireland’s CBD Strain

The highlight of this launch is Dublin Lava CBD. Dublin Lava CBD is a strain we haver developed with our growers for the Irish CBD Flower Market. Its one of the highest quality flowers we have had the pleasure of tasting and can confirm its a CBD Flower that caterers for the Irish market.

More info on Dublin Lava CBD

In our spring launch we mentioned a high quality full spectrum CBD Oil that we will be stocking. We will have a 10% & 20% CBD oil strength. The price and quality of both CBD oils is second to none.

Keeping it lit?

Also we will be running a CBD Flower Campaign called ‘ Keeping it lit’ which you will see as we move closer to this campaign. This is our first CBD Flower Campaign which will be highlighting certain areas of the CBD Flower market in Ireland today. More information on keeping it lit campaign coming soon.

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Take care,
CBD Dave