Terpene Spotlight: Ocimene

Terpene Spotlight: Ocimene

The cannabis plant is extremely complex. There are dozens and dozens of different compounds contained within, all working together in perfect harmony to provide the effects you know and love.

One of the most important active ingredients in cannabis is terpenes. Responsible for the delicious flavors, rich aromas and potent effects the plant offers, terpenes (also called terps) are crucial to the cannabis experience. And while some terps are more prevalent in a lot of cultivars (AKA strains), there are several less abundant terpenes that still play an important role in the entourage effect. The entourage effect is how cannabis compounds work together to provide relief and wellness benefits.

What Is Ocimene?

Considered a monoterpene, ocimene can be found in a variety of vegetation. Ocimene is found in plants, such as parsley, kumquats, basil, mint and even orchids. With subtle woodsy undertones, ocimene is known for its sweet, yet herbal bouquet. Thanks to its unique scent, this terp is often used commercially in several different products including perfumes, antiperspirants and even cleaning solutions.

Ocimene naturally protects the plants it’s found in by acting as a defence against pests. One 2015 study discovered that ocimene is a great tool to combat aphid infestations. This is an exciting development given that these insects suck sap from plants, causing extensive damage to commercial crops (not just cannabis and hemp!).

On the therapeutic level, ocimene has a number of interesting uses. If you’re seeking out terps that can act as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, or even an anti-fungal.

Protecting Ocimene Terpene Content In Cannabis

Terpenes, like ocimene, make cannabis what it is. Without terps, bud is bland, harsh and lacking in effects. Knowing this, preserving the quality of your cannabis should be a top priority.

The easiest way to protect our terpene friends is to use a terpene shield from Boveda. By creating a monolayer of pure water molecules around cannabis trichomes, the saturated salt solution within the terpene shield locks inactive ingredients like cannabinoids and terps until it’s time to grind the flower and enjoy. Without a terpene shield, these compounds will evaporate—never to return.

Cannabis contains a vast array of compounds and while some may be more abundant than others, they all play an important role in how the plant affects you. Ocimene may be a lesser-known terp, but it’s still a crucial part of the entourage effect. Protect every part of the cannabis experience by always using a terpene shield by Boveda.