The Best Value Hash in Ireland: Affordability Meets Excellence

The Best Value Hash in Ireland: Affordability Meets Excellence

Enjoy our latest creation – the 3x filtered CBD and CBG Hash. Boasting an impressive 57.36% CBD + CBG combination, this hash introduces a distinctive terpene profile and a luxurious, fudge-like texture.

The Triple Filtration method

Crafted through an intricate triple dry sifted method, our hash undergoes refinement three times, culminating in a symphony of purity. This process elevates it to the status of the caviar of hash, promising an unparalleled quality that defines sophistication.

Cannabinoid Compliance

Adhering to EU and Irish law, all our CBD products, including this exceptional hash, maintain THC levels below 0.2%. Here is a breakdown of the cannabinoid composition: CBD: 46.54%, CBG: 10.82% and THC: Under 0.2%.

A Fudge-Like Texture

Prepare to indulge your senses with our 3x filtered hash offers a fudge-like sensation. Beyond the therapeutic benefits of CBD and CBG, this hash is as natural as the plant flowering in a field.

Affordability Meets Excellence: The Best Value for Hash in Ireland

We take pride in offering the most competitive prices for quality hash in Ireland. Our commitment is to make premium CBD and CBG products accessible to everyone, and our pricing reflects this dedication.

Elevate your CBD journey with our 3x filtered CBD and CBG Hash. A celebration where quality intertwines with affordability. Immerse yourself in the essence of hash, sit back relax and enjoy a product of refined purity and pleasure.