The Lowest Priced CBD flower in Ireland

The Lowest Priced CBD flower in Ireland

The Lowest Priced CBD flower in Ireland

As some of you already know there are a lot of ways Hemp can be grown. Naturally, you will find Hemp growing in the wild without any human interference.

The location and environment a plant is grown will always impact the overall quality of the plant once it’s completely matured. If Hemp is grown outdoors for instance the CBD flowers will not be as potent as CBD flowers that are grown indoors.

What’s the difference between CBD flowers grown indoors, outdoor or in greenhouses?

Like I said above a plant has its own natural and optimum environment that it thrives in. This is very hard to replicate outdoors in a part of the world where the plant didn’t originate. When a farmer is growing outdoors they are subjected to the seasons and have to rely on the weather. If a hemp plant is grown in a greenhouse, this is a step up from growing outdoors because a farmer can regulate the humidity and temperature and in some cases the lighting. The cream of the crop is CBD flower grown indoors, farmers can control every part of the plant from germination all the way to harvest and beyond. This is why the CBD market in Ireland should have different prices per gram for CBD flowers. The more care the plant gets the better the quality and the higher the price should be per gram for the user, it’s that simple.

The Irish CBD market Now

The Irish CBD market is saturated will all kinds of CBD products, some products are better quality than others and it can be very difficult to navigate. When it comes to CBD flowers there are three types of flowers on the market, indoors, outdoors and greenhouse. A large chunk of CBD flowers for sale in Ireland and Europe are grown outdoors or in a greenhouse and sold at a premium indoor price to consumers. This is completely unfair and a novice would not know that they are buying a lower quality flower at indoor-grown prices.

Do you sell the best CBD flower and is it grown indoor or outdoor?

Every CBD flower on our website is carefully grown indoors by the best growers in the world. Each flower is grown with only natural and organic products. Each flower is cured for a minimum of two months before we sell it. That being said we will be launching our very first flower grown in a greenhouse. This new strain will be called the ‘lowest-priced CBD flower in Ireland’ because it is what it says on the tin,

Why are you calling it the lowest-priced CBD in Ireland?

We are calling this new greenhouse-grown flower ‘the lowest-priced CBD flower in Ireland’ because we are sick of other companies selling outdoor and greenhouse-grown CBD flowers to the public for €10+ per gram when this is completely wrong. CBD flower grown in a greenhouse or outdoors does not have the same amount of care put into it and in turn, should not be sold at a premium price. That being said a flower can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors and have a high percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes but why would you charge indoor prices it’s just greed.


Be careful what you buy and always ask your vendor was the CBD flower grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Experienced consumers should be able to spot the difference but if you cant don’t worry we will have more info on that soon.