Unclog your HHC vape Cartridge: 3 tips to try right now

Unclog your HHC vape Cartridge: 3 tips to try right now

We get it. You are enjoying your HHC cartridge, and you are wondering why it is clogging. It’s frustrating. But it’s a common problem with HHC cartridges and other vape cartridges, including CBD and Delta 8.

Why does my HHC vape cartridge keep clogging?

HHC is super dense and very sticky. So when you heat the cart, the thick liquid becomes thinner as it warms. Applying heat with the battery allows the heat to pass through the cartridge and turns that beautiful elixir into smoke.

The reason your HHC vape is cartridge clogging

  1. Storing Temperature is one common problem. If you heat the cartridge and it cools too quickly because it’s cold in your area, this can cause the resin to cool in the chamber.
  2. Daily function. Another common problem is temperature fluctuation throughout your day, along with carelessly storing the cartridge the wrong way or dumping it into your bag or purse.

How can I prevent my HHC vape cartridge from clogging?

  1. Store your cartridge vertically. We recommend you keep it vertical
    (mouthpiece straight up) to help prevent clogs.
  2. Draw extra air. Continue drawing air through the cartridge for a few seconds after you have stopped pressing the battery button. This will help clear any excess resin in the chamber and prevent it from solidifying on the inner walls of the cartridge.
  3. Take lighter hits. Taking a softer drag will also help prevent your HHC cartridge from clogging. Pulling too hard tends to draw excess resin, which may not have turned to vapour into the chamber. Plus, a softer drag may help your cartridge last longer.

How to unclog your HHC vape cartridge?

  1. Try taking a hit with no heat. If your HHC cartridge is clogged, try pulling softly on the mouthpiece. You may hear or feel the clog moving through the airway enough to clear it.
  2. Heat your cartridge. The ideal solution here is to use the battery itself with the cartridge connected to it. Some batteries have a preheat setting like our battery does; click the button twice on the battery when it’s on, and this will preheat the cart. This may just be enough to clear the clog. Feel free to preheat it a few times before repeating step one.
  3. Clean out your cartridge. If steps one and two are not getting you anywhere, get the cotton buds out and start cleaning your cartridge. A long thin object can also help if you pop it down into the chamber from the top of the mouthpiece.

We hope these tips help you understand, prevent and allow you to enjoy HHC vape cartridges.