What are CBD Vapes?

What are CBD Vapes?

What are CBD Vapes?

High-quality CBD vapes contain a high percentage of CBD and natural terpenes. Don’t be fooled there are some bad companies out there that cut corners and add synthetic additives to their CBD.

What should you look for in a CBD Vape?

There are so many different CBD products on the market, it is very hard to know which one to use. Here is a great tip, Just like when you are shopping for food Some companies food products that are completely organic, and some companies sell food that is laced with additives and nasties. Of course, we all want to purchase the best quality and most organic products on the market, when it comes to CBD vape cartridges and vape pens there are pure and unpure products available.

What kind of additives and nasties do some companies add to their vape pens?

You will find a lot of bad ingredients in CBD vape juice such as Vitamin E Acetate, VG, PG or MCT oil. The ingredients I just mentioned have been proven to be harmful and we would advise that you familiarise yourself with these types of ingredients.  It can be challenging to navigate in this market and it’s your responsibility to do your own research and make the right choice.

How do I know what vape to buy?

With a vast new range of CBD products and devices on the market, the options can be challenging to navigate through. You must make sure that the product you are using is safe and there are a few ways to double-check before you purchase. For any CBD products, you will look for the COA ( certificate of analysis ). A COA will tell you that you are getting what you asked for. The COA should be easy to read and be in the language of the country you are from, simple as that. Each COA should show the ingredients and cannabinoid percentages.


Your health is your wealth, always do as much research before purchasing any product that you plan on using.