What is a CBD Cartridge?

What is a CBD Cartridge?

A CBD cartridge is a popular method of vaping, it is a small glass container with a heating coil in the middle. The oil sits outside of the heating coil and is heated with a compatible battery, either rechargeable or disposable. Some CBD artridges are flavoured with a variety of ingredients from terpenes (organic compounds from plants and fruits). Make sure you are purchasing tested products. You don’t want any nasty substances in your cartridge.

Pros of vaping CBD

Vaping offers the same benefit as consuming CBD in any other manner. With vaping, CBD enters your bloodstream quicker compared to digestion. Accordingly, vaping can help reduce anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Research has shown that cannabinoids can help reduce pain, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases; however, research varies. Further studies have been done on animal cells, but human trials have not been conducted. We recommend doing your research before making any decisions.

What different types of CBD cartridges are on the market?

Prefilled CBD cartridges

Prefilled CBD cartridges are the most popular cart on the market. As the name suggests, prefilled cartridges have vaping oil sealed in the cart, ready to use, these carts are typically disposable, but some can be reused.

Refillable CBD Cartridges

Refillable cartridges are sold empty, which means that you have to purchase your liquid separately. Lots of vape companies offer an empty cartridge and try to sell you some E-liquid so that you can keep filling the cartridge. We don’t recommend using E-liquid since it’s full of nasty additives and not full spectrum cannabinoids.

Looking for high-quality CBD Cartridges

Given that the Hemp industry is not heavily regulated by governments around the world, it is recommended that you do some pre-purchase research centered on four categories: third-party testing, extract type, source location and extract process.

More information on these four categories in the next post. Feel free to view our vape cartridge range.