What is CBD Resin?

What is CBD Resin?

There are various forms and ways to enjoy CBD products. Some people use raw CBD flowers, some people use CBD Oil, CBD gummies and really the list is endless. CBD Resin is a super concentrated form of cannabis and is very much worth trying.

CBD Cannabis resin is a light to dark brown, sticky substance found on the clear/amber trichomes of a cannabis plant. Trichomes show on a female plant’s flowers at the end of its life cycle when the plant is fully matured. These trichomes produce the medical properties and sugars we all love so much. Resin is considered the most valuable part of the plant, resin carries every cannabinoid compound the plant has to offer. Products containing resin are called CBD concentrates.

How is CBD resin made?

How CBD resin is made varies depending on the type of resin. There are many different techniques that range from a simple application of pressure and heat to complex processes requiring expensive lab equipment.

Why use CBD Resin

Live resin is a concentrate, it is very high in terpenes and other cannabis material. CBD users who enjoy a strong aroma along with more potent medical properties tend to prefer resin than other types of CBD. Preserving trichomes and terpenes in live resin will help keep the original cannabis properties intact. Terpenes are what give cannabis its full-bodied aroma.


If you decide that concentrates such as CBD resin is for you. This kind of product will give you a more complex terpene and cannabinoid profile, which in turn will deliver a different and more complex experience as well, because of the entourage effect. The entourage effect is how all the different cannabis compounds work together to give a better experience.