Why is digesting CBD so beneficial?

Why is digesting CBD so beneficial

Why is digesting CBD so beneficial?

Ever wonder why digesting CBD is so beneficial? Raw cannabis has the ability to produce acidic precursors from cannabinoids. Let’s dive deep into the acidic precursors of cannabinoids and how they affect our bodies.

Raw organic CBD

Raw cannabis is only capable of producing the acidic precursors of cannabinoids which are known as CBDa. The ‘a’ stands for acid or carboxylic acid to be exact.  CBDA is the chemical precursor to cannabidiol (CBD) through the process of decarboxylation the ‘a’ is lost.


When heat is applied to Cannabinoids which are small molecules, and atoms in all molecules have a certain weight and position. When heat is used these atoms float away and what is left behind in the chemical structure of CBDa is CBD. The Acidic precursor ‘a’ is removed through heat.

Digesting CBD and CBDa

If cannabis is not decarboxylated through heating methods, CBDa has natural anti-inflammatory properties. If you are interested in digesting CBD and extracting CBDa and THCa we stock a range of CBD herbal teas and CBD oils.

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