Happy Winter Launch 2021

Happy Winter Launch 2021

Winter Launch 2021. We made it, happy launch day!! Our new CBD Full Melt range is very popular and we have already received lots of orders.

We Launched Four new CBD products today.

  • Dublin Lava Live Resin 84% CBD.
  • Blueberry sherbet Live Resin 84% CBD.
  • Royal Cheese CBD Flower 20% CBD.
  • CBD Gift Pack

Along with our new CBD full melt range, we have a very popular flower back into stock called Royal Cheese CBD. We had this strain in stock time last year and it was very popular. It is a really dense flower and packs a punch! Cheese is so named for its odour and how it’s similar to a pungent cheese, especially while it’s growing. It doesn’t taste 100% like cheese though, instead, it has a pleasant earthy flavour.

For more info on live CBD RESIN please have a read of our post on what is CBD Resin?.

CBD Gift Pack

Coming up to Christmas it can be hard to find a good gift for someone. We have made it easy! With Christmas and birthdays right around the corner, we have released a CBD Gift Pack. In this pack, your loved one will receive 3 grams of strawberry shortcake, A lovely CBD grinder and two packs of rolling papers. There is a big saving when you purchase this gift set also.

We hope you have a fantastic winter and really enjoy our new products.

CBD Dave